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Teltonika M2M 3G and 4G Routers UK

Buy Teltonika RUT500 and RUT900 3G Routers and Teltonika RUT950 and RUT955 4G Routers with next working day delivery for the UK.

We keep large stocks of all Teltonika Routers in the UK so if you need a reliable and highly functional 3G or 4G router for your M2M remote monitoring and management application then give us a call or place your order online.

To compliment the range of Teltonika routers we also stock the Fullband® Antenna range so if the antennas supplied with your Teltonika router are not suitable for your installation then we can supply an alternative antenna. For example you might need a Magnetic Mount Antenna for use on top of a data cabinet, or an outdoor High-Gain antenna for installation outdoors where there is a better signal or a heavy duty weatherproof dome antenna for installation on your ourdoor data cabinet.

We also supply 3G and 4G Fixed IP SIM cards with a public IP address that will provide your Teltonika router with a 3G or 4G mobile broadband connection with a fixed, public IP address so you can easily connect to your router and using port forwarding in your router configuration connect to the devices on the LAN.


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